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Welcome to the Rainbow Coast, the south coast of WA
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Rainbow Coast Web Design

Our move to the Rainbow Coast was delightful. We bought our house the weekend of our very first visit and have settled in, watching rainbows daily from our front window.

Having lived in almost a dozen different countries since we married, it took us an instant to recognise that the Rainbow Coast was, and is, a very special place.

During our first visit to the coast, we toured with two children and saw everything that could be seen (thanks to the Visitors Centres - so friendly!)

We recorded our tours, laughing and playing along the way. The more we explored the more wonderful we knew this place to be.

Rainbow Coast Mum, Western Australia - albany, denmark, walpole

Having shared our experiences of our world travels for over a decade on our travel websites, we knew that the beauty of the Rainbow Coast had to be shared too.

The photos and travel-clips were taken by all of us, a few by our four-year-old son! We hope you like this site and get to experience the Rainbow Coast, virtually.

When you visit, I'm sure you'll find the environment outstanding and the people open, friendly, helpful, and kind. We do. I've never seen so many smiles and bright eyes. It must be all the fresh air from Antarctica, and all the rainbows, of course!

Elephant Cove, William Bay NP, Denmark WA

"A family of five had come for a share, of the wonderful southernmost air. They looked all around from the sky to the ground, heard the sea on the breeze as it rustled the trees, and they knew it was right on the very first night for the rainbows had put them at ease."

Rainbow Coast-ers

Some of the things our family would like to achieve from this website are:

  1. To Celebrate and share the natural beauty and bio diversity of this region and to promote conscious tourism to the Rainbow Coast.
  2. To increase virtual and terrestrial tourism to the region.
  3. To expand the knowledge of visitors to the region making for a more holistic, eco-friendly tourist, one aware of the special care the region requires.
  4. Support the local Visitors Centres and Shires in their strategic outcomes for expanding conscious tourism in the Great Southern Region.
  5. To work in harmony with the Dept of Environment and Conservation to achieve their aim of keeping our National Parks safe for future generations.
  6. Benefit the local businesses of the Rainbow Coast to by connecting them to a broader reach of clientele from Western Australia and beyond.
  7. Supporting the interconnected online presence of the Albany, Denmark and Walpole Regions (letting everyone know how wonderful a place it is!)
  8. To be in the community, and for the community.

We are grateful to:

  • The Department of Environment and Conservation for keeping the Great Southern National Parks sacred. Read the important information on the National Parks before visiting - it is essential to preserve our precious environment. Their website: Naturebase.net
  • The Denmark Visitors Centre, The Albany Visitors Centre and the Walpole Visitors Centre for providing us with information on where to sat, eat and visit. The cheerful and giving natures of the staff in all of the locations filled us with confidence as we adventured. See links to them below. See the Tourist Information & Travel Resources link for their contact information.
  • Google - for providing an open-source means of connecting to their world-wide maps and great satellite views. Great for driving directions on how to get here eh? You know the address: www.google.com.au
  • YouTube - providing the open-source solution to video travel-diarising. www.youtube.com
Albany Region of Western Australia Albany Region of Western Australia - Albany Town Hall
Rainbow Coast, Western Australia - albany, denmark, walpole Albany Town Hall, City of Albany

The Designers:

Special thanks to our children for suggesting so many creative and playfully creative ideas including many of the icons and graphics. We are blessed to have such tech-savvy children!

We would also like to acknowledge also their photographic skills, as some of the photos you'll see are theirs. We are grateful to of our friends who have lived in the region their whole lives - your suggestions make this site a better resource for everyone.

The great map making needs a mention - excellent coding and creating the interactive maps, Tila - and thanks to Google for providing the open source solution!

We appreciate the the creativity and playfulness that created such a pretty (and useful) website.

If you think so, consider liking us on Facebook!

And finally to the great mystery of the universe which created such spectacular diversity in this wonderful south west corner of the great Outback, just at the western end of the Great Australian Bight.

We are so blessed to be here on this planet. It is important that we preserve it. Take care and responsibility when travelling. Have a positive impact.

Natural Attractions of the South Coast:

Walpole-Nornalup National Park Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Expansive covering over twenty thousand hectares of the Walpole Wilderness Area. Visit Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Mount Frankland Mount Frankland
Starting in the karri trees you wind up and through towards the summit of Mt Frankland way above the tree top canopy. Visit Mount Frankland
Beaches of the Coast Beaches of the Coast
The beaches along the southern coast of Western Australia are as diverse as the land surrounding them. Every one is beautiful. Visit Beaches of the Coast
Bibbulmun Track Bibbulmun Track
The Bibbulmun Track stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth hills to Albany, through many locations in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. Visit Bibbulmun Track
Birds Birds
The birdlife along the Rainbow Coast is amazing and includes several species of birds which can be found no where else on earth. Visit Birds
Inlets and Waterways Inlets and Waterways
The inlets and river systems support a vast variety of birds, reptiles and water creatures. They are a vital part of the southern ecosystem. Visit Inlets and Waterways
National Parks National Parks
The south coast has an abundance of National Parks each distinct and unique. Wonderful walks, amazing views and gorgeous natural beauty. Visit National Parks
Southern Forests Southern Forests
Along the South Coast you will find some of the most fascinating forests in the world including jarrah, karri, red and yellow tingle forests. Visit Southern Forests
Valley of the Giants Valley of the Giants
The Valley of the Giants Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Treetop Walk is the most visited place on the Rainbow Coast. Visit Valley of the Giants
Walks and Trails Walks and Trails
World class walks through Albany, Denmark and Walpole. Walk over mountains, forests, beaches, rugged coastline and wilderness. Visit Walks and Trails
Whale Watching Whale Watching
The sheltered waters are ideal for young whales preparing to take the journey south to the southern ocean surrounding Antarctica. We recommend Whale Watching Visit Whale Watching
Wildflowers Wildflowers
Wildflowers along the south coast tend to appear between August and December each year, although other varieties bloom throughout the year. Visit Wildflowers

South Coast Vistor & Tourist resources:

Rainbows Rainbows
The coast is perfectly placed to see Rainbows! And perfectly named. Green trees, mountains, forests beaches, and winter rainbows. Visit Rainbows
Seasons of the Coast Seasons of the Coast
You will find a Seasons Calendar with Wildflower and a Whales to help you plan your visit to the South Coast - The Rainbow Coast! Visit Seasons of the Coast
South Coast Beaches Map South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Beaches from west of Walpole to East of Albany all on one map! Visit South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Weather South Coast Weather
The climate of the Rainbow Coast is considered to be "the best in the world," according to those who live here. Visit South Coast Weather

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Middleton Beach Diving Pontoon, Albany WA Prawn Rock Channel, Denmark

Wild Western Australian Coastline

Visitors to Albany should visit the Torndirrup Peninsula and see The Gap and Natural Bridge which were once connected to Antarctica, or walk up Stony Hill and view the spendor from atop the ancient granite rocks, all close to Albany along Frenchman Bay Road.

Explore the white beaches of Flinders Peninsula and Frenchman Bay.

Cable Beach, Albany

Why is the South Coast of Western Australia called the Rainbow Coast?

Well, geographically, it's perfectly placed for making rainbows (in winter, of course!) The angle of the sun in relation to this southern coast of Western Australia is less than 42 degrees above the horizon (especially in winter).

So when the sun shines from the north on the rain that comes off the water from the south, you see Rainbows throughout the day! (in winter, if it's raining, of course!)

This website is a virtual resource for visitors to the area offering the chance to explore the region in an up close and personal way.

It is also a way for locals to share their home with their friends and families. We were so taken with the beauty of the place that we created this website, rainbowcoast.com.au

Cable Beach, Albany Torndirrup Peninsula at the Albany Wind Farm, Albany WA
The Tourism Australia group has changed the designation for the South West Coast several times over the years, it is now referred to as The Great South West Edge.