Giant Tingle Tree

Walpole Nornalup NP in the Walpole Region
The Giant

Giant Eucalypt, The Giant Tingle Tree

This Giant Tingle Tree is special because it the oldest living eucalypt in the world it is THE Giant Tingle.

Giant Tingle Tree, Eucalypt, Walpole Wilderness Area, WA

The Giant Tingle Tree, sometimes called Grandmother Tingle, the oldest living Giant Eucalypt

Giant Eucalypt Branches and Foliage

Beautiful, this giant and majestic tree is worth the walk. A boardwalk protects the tree and allows visitors the chance to see it's massive trunk close up.

Winding through this wilderness on a well kept and paved track makes the walk easy.

It is a 800 metre walk from the forested car park, to the Giant Tingle Tree and back again. It is a gradual descent to the home of the Giant Tingle, and a gradual ascent on the return journey, as you wind your way through the ancient canopy of tingle and karri.

Benches are placed at intervals with nooks for relaxing along the way. The large buttresses which spread from the base of the trees are tremendous.

Where is the Giant Tingle Tree?
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Tingle Bark

The Bibbulmun Track crosses the path of the Tingle, as it winds it's way through the Walpole Region.

Facilities at the car park include toilets and several information boards with interesting information. The car park is spacious and is nestled within the trees.

There is much to explore in the Walpole - Nornalup National Park


Hollowbutt Tingle Tree

Access is via a wooden boardwalk around the base of this Queen of Trees. This is an opportunity to explore this wilderness, learning as you go. The signposts have great information about the flora and fauna of this native forest of the south coast. This Hollowbutt sign explains how the heartwood is burned from the trees and how the outer layer sustains these giant trees. Amazing!

Giant Eucalypt Giant Tingle Trees of the South West
Giant Tingle Tree Gnarly Bark Giant Tingle Tree Forest Walk


Giant Tingle Tree Map

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Giant Tingle TreeGiant Tingle Tree
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