Rainbow Coast

Welcome to the Rainbow Coast, the south Coast of WA

Welcome to the Rainbow Coast, the South Coast of Western Australia!

The Rainbow Coast, along the South Coast of Western Australia, stretches over 150km's. It is one of Australia's most beautiful coastlines and offers a natural paradise. Spectacular swimming and surfing beaches, ancient forests, historic sites, sheer cliffs, rocky climbs, bush walking, cycling trails, inlets, waterways and stunning sand dunes, this region has it all.

Only a five hour drive south from WA's capital city Perth, the Rainbow Coast overlaps with the Southern Forests and is sometimes called the Great South West Edge, and encompasses Albany City, home to 30,000, Denmark Town, home to 5,000 and Walpole Town, home to 500.

The Rainbow Coast, on the South Coast of Western Australia offers a return to nature, a sensory sanctuary for your mind, body & spirit and truly is the perfect holiday destination!

Take time to imbibe the renown 'Down South' Lifestyle. The South West Australian vibe is relaxed and the locals are fun-loving and friendly...come experience The Rainbow Coast for yourself!

We acknowledge the Noongar people, the traditional custodians of the land and thank them for their continued connection to their land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We extend our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Elephant Cove, William Bay NP, Denmark WA Walpole Wilderness Area, South Coast, Western Australia

3 Regions of the Rainbow Coast:

Albany Region of Western Australia Albany Region of Western Australia - Albany Town Hall

Stay on the Rainbow Coast!

The Rainbow Coast offers a huge range of accommodation types to create your ideal holiday. CONNECT DIRECT with the owners and managers and save yourself time and money. The Tourism Providers we recommend are friendly, fair and focused on you having a great visit.

National Biosphere Reserve

With over a dozen National Parks and Reserves, the Rainbow Coast encompasses an international biosphere reserve with species of plants and animals which you will find no where else in the world.

Rainbow Coast Map

An internationally recognised wetland area the Rainbow Coast is home to thousands of migratory water birds.

It is also home to many shipwrecks including the sand-covered wreck of the Mandalay at Mandalay Beach in Walpole.Also the naval ship in the King George Sound in Albany. The Albany Region is a divers playground. Explore the white beaches of Flinders Peninsula on the Possession Point Heritage Trail, past Frenchman Bay.

Don't be fooled by the name! The yearly average rainfall along the coast is the same as Perth and Broome!

Rainbow Coast Map

The name comes from the angle of the sun as it hits the rain coming off the Great Southern Ocean during winter. [Read more about Why it's called the Rainbow Coast]

Albany Tourist and Visitors Information

Albany Regional Map Albany Regional Map
Map of the Albany Region and a regional overview. Visit Albany Regional Map
Albany City & Surrounds Map Albany City & Surrounds Map
Map of Attractions and places to visit in Albany City & surrounds. Visit Albany City & Surrounds Map
City of Albany City of Albany
Located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, the Nestled along the Princess Royal Harbour & King George Sound. Visit City of Albany
Albany WA History Albany WA History
Albany, is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia. Visit Albany WA History
Top 10 Places to Visit Top 10 Places to Visit
Filled with many magical and majestic natural wonders, the best places are on the coast to enjoy... Visit Top 10 Places to Visit
Top Beaches Top Beaches
Pristine, clean and just like paradise. Swim in the rock pools, swim in clear waters, secluded bays, or snorkel around giant boulders all on the Rainbow Coast. Visit Top Beaches
Top Biking Locations Top Biking Locations
Top locations along the coast to start a bike ride. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Biking Locations
Top Historical Locations Top Historical Locations
The Rainbow Coast is a historical destination. These are the most historical places to visit. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Historical Locations
Top Picnic Spots Top Picnic Spots
Looking for a nice picnic spot, try these favourite picnic locations along the coast. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Picnic Spots
Top Places for Dogs Top Places for Dogs
If you have brought your four legged friend with you on holiday then you will need to know when you can take them for exercise and fun. Visit Top Places for Dogs
Top Places for Elders Top Places for Elders
Accessible and elder-friendly locations along the south coast. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Places for Elders
Top Places to Take Kids Top Places to Take Kids
Kids love it on the Rainbow Coast. The spectacular coastline is family friendly and welcoming. Visit Top Places to Take Kids
Top Surf Spots Top Surf Spots
The waters of the spectacular Rainbow Coast are very tempting and there are quite a few places to catch the waves. Visit Top Surf Spots
Top Views Top Views
Unique views of the south coast of Western Australia.Driving, biking, running, or strolling through The Rainbow Coast Region offers incredible views. Visit Top Views

Denmark Tourist and Visitors Information

Denmark Region Map Denmark Region Map
Map of the Denmark Western Australia Region including Denmark Town and National Parks. Visit Denmark Region Map
Denmark Town Denmark Town
In the heart of the Rainbow Coast on the north side of the Wilson Inlet, along the beautiful Denmark River. Visit Denmark Town
Denmark Region Denmark Region
The Denmark Region is gorgeous. Trees, hills, beaches, rocks, wildlife around the river and the inlet. Visit Denmark Region
Denmark Town Map Denmark Town Map
A map of Denmark Town and surrounds. A good map to get your bearings if you are visiting Denmark, WA. Visit Denmark Town Map

Walpole Tourist and Visitors Information

Walpole Town Walpole Town
At the northern edge of the Walpole Inlet, Walpole is one of the few towns on the path of the Bibbulmun Track. Visit Walpole Town
Walpole Regional Map Walpole Regional Map
Map of the Walpole Region including places to visit and National Parks. Visit Walpole Regional Map
Knoll Scenic Drive Knoll Scenic Drive
A five kilometre circular drive on the peninsula between the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets. A distinctly well-kept rest area with picnic tables & toilets. Visit Knoll Scenic Drive
Stay in Walpole Stay in Walpole
An inspiring selection of quality accommodation of all types. Friendly service. Choose from a variety of great accommodation in and around Walpole, WA. Find Accommodation in Walpole! Visit Stay in Walpole

National Parks on the South Coast

Walpole-Nornalup National Park Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Expansive covering over twenty thousand hectares of the Walpole Wilderness Area. Visit Walpole-Nornalup National Park
William Bay National Park William Bay National Park
Visit Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Mazzoletti Beach, Tower Hill, Madfish Bay and Waterfall Beach! Visit William Bay National Park
Torndirrup National Park Torndirrup National Park
Including The Gap, Natural Bridge, The Blowholes, Jimmy Newells Harbour, Stony Hill, Cable Beach & Stony Hill. Visit Torndirrup National Park
Two Peoples Bay NP Two Peoples Bay NP
Located approximately 25 kilometres north-east of Albany. Rediscovery of the presumed extinct noisy scrub-bird. Visit Two Peoples Bay NP
West Cape Howe National Park West Cape Howe National Park
Containing the southernmost point of Western Australia this national park is astounding. Visit West Cape Howe National Park
Dentrecasteaux National Park Dentrecasteaux National Park
Dentrecasteaux National Park is filled with beaches, dunes, cliffs and forests west of Walpole. Visit Dentrecasteaux National Park
Gull Rock National Park Gull Rock National Park
25k east of Albany, Gull Rock National Park is a reserve for many endangered animals, trees and birds. Visit Gull Rock National Park
Quarram Nature Reserve Quarram Nature Reserve
The Quarram Nature Reserve, a haven for birds and wildlife. Visit Quarram Nature Reserve

Natural Attractions of the South Coast:

Walpole-Nornalup National Park Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Expansive covering over twenty thousand hectares of the Walpole Wilderness Area. Visit Walpole-Nornalup National Park
Mount Frankland Mount Frankland
Starting in the karri trees you wind up and through towards the summit of Mt Frankland way above the tree top canopy. Visit Mount Frankland
Beaches of the Coast Beaches of the Coast
The beaches along the southern coast of Western Australia are as diverse as the land surrounding them. Every one is beautiful. Visit Beaches of the Coast
Bibbulmun Track Bibbulmun Track
The Bibbulmun Track stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth hills to Albany, through many locations in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. Visit Bibbulmun Track
Birds Birds
The birdlife along the Rainbow Coast is amazing and includes several species of birds which can be found no where else on earth. Visit Birds
Inlets and Waterways Inlets and Waterways
The inlets and river systems support a vast variety of birds, reptiles and water creatures. They are a vital part of the southern ecosystem. Visit Inlets and Waterways
National Parks National Parks
The south coast has an abundance of National Parks each distinct and unique. Wonderful walks, amazing views and gorgeous natural beauty. Visit National Parks
Southern Forests Southern Forests
Along the South Coast you will find some of the most fascinating forests in the world including jarrah, karri, red and yellow tingle forests. Visit Southern Forests
Valley of the Giants Valley of the Giants
The Valley of the Giants Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Treetop Walk is the most visited place on the Rainbow Coast. Visit Valley of the Giants
Walks and Trails Walks and Trails
World class walks through Albany, Denmark and Walpole. Walk over mountains, forests, beaches, rugged coastline and wilderness. Visit Walks and Trails
Whale Watching Whale Watching
The sheltered waters are ideal for young whales preparing to take the journey south to the southern ocean surrounding Antarctica. We recommend Whale Watching Visit Whale Watching
Wildflowers Wildflowers
Wildflowers along the south coast tend to appear between August and December each year, although other varieties bloom throughout the year. Visit Wildflowers

South Coast Vistor and Tourst resources:

Rainbows Rainbows
The coast is perfectly placed to see Rainbows! And perfectly named. Green trees, mountains, forests beaches, and winter rainbows. Visit Rainbows
Seasons of the Coast Seasons of the Coast
You will find a Seasons Calendar with Wildflower and a Whales to help you plan your visit to the South Coast - The Rainbow Coast! Visit Seasons of the Coast
South Coast Beaches Map South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Beaches from west of Walpole to East of Albany all on one map! Visit South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Weather South Coast Weather
The climate of the Rainbow Coast is considered to be "the best in the world," according to those who live here. Visit South Coast Weather

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Middleton Beach Diving Pontoon, Albany WA Prawn Rock Channel, Denmark

Broken from Antarctica

The Gap is a thrilling experience, standing on the state-of-the-art viewing platform places you right over the crashing ocean as it smashes into the sheer cliff edges where Australia broke off from Antarctica!

The Natural Bridge is an impressive example of water sculpting rock, over thousands of years, this is viewed from a pathway further away from the Natural Bridge itself and is much more accessible to everyone.

Cable Beach, Albany

Why is the South Coast of Western Australia called the Rainbow Coast?

Geographically, this region is perfectly placed for making rainbows (mostly in winter, of course!)

The angle of the sun, in relation to the Southern Coast of Western Australia, is less than 42 degrees above the horizon, so when the sun shines from the north on the rain that comes off the water from the south, you see Rainbows throughout the day!

The Rainbow Coast Virtual Visitor Centre offers you the chance to explore the region up close and in an interactive way.

Our #1 ranked tourism website aims to give you the most information about our glorious coastline, come on down and stay for a while!

Cable Beach, Albany Torndirrup Peninsula at the Albany Wind Farm, Albany WA

We acknowledge the Noongar people who are the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to Elders, both past and present. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to this region.