Rainbow Coast, South Coast of Western Australia
Albany, Denmark, Walpole Western Australia
The South Coast of Western Australia
Great Southern Region - South West Edge
Albany, Denmark & Walpole, WA
Welcome to the Rainbow Coast, one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Albany, Denmark & Walpole on the South Coast of Western Australia.

This spectacular south west edge of Australia, the south coast of Western Australia, is an amazing travel destination. From Albany City home to around 30,000 through Denmark Town (pop. 5,000) and Walpole Hamlet (pop. 500) a wide range of experiences and outdoor pursuits are available for those of any age. Ancient tingle and karri forests, pristine beaches and a magnificant rocky coast will draw you back to nature and offers a bit of peace.

Walpole Wilderness Area, South Coast, Western Australia

There are 3 regions of the Rainbow Coast: Albany, Denmark & Walpole
Western Australia

Elephant Cove, William Bay NP, Denmark WA

The Rainbow Coast has it all:

The Rainbow Coast on the Great South West Edge of Australia

Enjoy the Rainbow Coast:

With over a dozen National Parks and Reserves, the Rainbow Coast encompasses an international biosphere reserve with species of plants and animals which you will find no where else in the world.

An internationally recognised wedland area the Rainbow Coast is home to thousands of migratory waterbirds. It is also home to many shipwrecks stretching from Mandalay Beach in Walpole to the naval ships sunk in the King George Sound in Albany - this is a real divers adventure playground.

Top Destinations on the Rainbow Coast, the South Coast of WA, aka the Great South West Edge

Walking the Bibbulmun Track
The Bibbulmun Track stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth hills to Albany, in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. There are almost fifty campsites along the Track which are spaced one day's walk apart.
Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk Denmark Western AustraliaValley of the Giants Treetop Walk
Between Denmark and Walpole.
The architecturally designed pathway takes you gradually into the giant forest canopy. The view is breathtaking. Visit the Valley Of the Giants.
Beaches of the South Coast of Western AustraliaBeaches
The beaches along the southern coast of Western Australia are as diverse as the land surrounding them. Beaches along the Coast
Whale Watching, Albany, WAWhale Watching
Each year tourists from around the world visit the Coast to catch a glimpse of the whales. The Great Southern Ocean is home to a huge whale population who breed & feed in the bays. Visit the Whales of the Coast

Southern Forests, Western Australia Forests
From Albany, through Denmark and Walpole you will find some of the most fascinating forests in the world.

Visit the Forests of the Coast

The Blowholes, Albany West Australia Walks & Trails
There are many walks all throughout the Rainbow Coast. In fact, the Bibbulmun Track begins at Albany and winds through Denmark and Walpole until continuing the journey north west to Perth. Walk over mountains, forests, beaches...rugged coastline and wilderness. Visit the Walks of the Coast

Birdlife of the Rainbow Coast Birdlife
The birdlife along the Rainbow Coast is as diverse as the countryside. There are several species of birds which can be found no where else on earth. Birdlife of the Southern Coast
Weather on the Coast South Coast Weather
The climate of the Rainbow Coast is considered to be "the best in the world," according to those who live here. What's the weather like now along the Coast?

Albany, Western Australia

City of Albany Western Australia Albany Region
The Albany Regional Overw. All about the Albany Region of Western Australia. Visit the Albany Overview
City of Albany Western Australia Map of Albany
The Albany Regional Map. All about the Albany Region of Western Australia - google map style. Visit the Albany Regional Map

Denmark, Western Australia

Denmark Western Australia Denmark Region
Where the forest meets the sea. William Bay National Park, an abundance of world-class wineries all make Denmark a place to relax. Visit Denmark Region
City of Albany Western Australia Map of Denmark
All the sights around Denmark including the Denmark Town, Wilson Inlet, William Bay National Park, The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and more... Visit Denmark Regional MAP

Walpole, Western Australia

Walpole, Western Australia Walpole Region
The Walpole Wilderness Area is an ancient forest with ancient Karri and Giant Tingle stretching up and up! The town of Walpole is set on the north side of the Walpole Inlet amidst the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.
Walpole Region of Western Australia Map of Walpole
Walpole, Valley of the Giants, mount Frankland, Giant Tingle tree, Knoll Scenic Drive, Circular Pool, Conspicious Cliff, Nornalup, Peaceful Bay and Mandalay beach. Visit the Walpole Region Map.

Seasons & Weather of the Rainbow Coast, the South Coast of WA

Noongar Seasons Calendar - Whales, Wildflowers & Seasons of the South WestSeasons Calendar
The Noongar, having lived in the South West for centuries, have divided the year into six distinct seasons that are even more earth sensitive than the Western four - and more accurate for determining when you want to visit.

You will find a Seasons Calendar, a Wildflower Calendar and a Whales Calendar to help you plan your visit to the South Coast - The Rainbow Coast!

Click here for a South West Australia Seasons Calendar to help you plan the BEST TIMES for you to VISIT.

Scenic Flights
Scenic Flight, Albany Western AustraliaTaking in Albany from the Air is a relaxing way to get an 'overview' of the coast. The City of Albany is surrounded by waterways...

Rainbow Coast MapDon't be fooled by the name! The yearly average rainfall along the coast is the same as Perth and Broome! The name comes from the angle of the sun as it hits the rain coming off the Great Southern Ocean during winter. [Read more about Why it's called the Rainbow Coast]


National Parks of the South Coast & National Parks Maps

Whale Watching, Albany, WANational Parks along the South Coast
There are national parks all along the coastline from Albany to Walpole. Thses parks are some of the most pristine on earth. Visit the National Parks of the Coast
Whale Watching, Albany, WA National Park Map
A Map with the National Parks of the Coast listed. Change the view to see the region by satellite. Visit the National Parks Map
4Wheel Driving on the South Coast4 Wheel Driving
Beautiful white beaches, sheltered and along the ocean for miles. The beaches of the Rainbow Coast are pristine. 4 Wheel Driving on the Coast


Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia Wildflowers
The giant Karri trees, the Giant Tingle Trees. Some of the most ancient forests on the planet and in the top 6 biodiverse regions on our planet. Visit the Forests of the Coast

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Mandalay Beach, West of WalpoleWhy is the South Coast of Western Australia called the Rainbow Coast?
Well, geographically, it's perfectly placed for making rainbows (in winter, of course!) The angle of the sun in relation to this southern coast of Western Australia is less than 42 degrees above the horizon (especially in winter).

So when the sun shines from the north on the rain that comes off the water from the south, you see Rainbows throughout the day! (in winter, if it's raining, of course) This website is a virtual resource for visitors to the area offering the chance to explore the region in an up close and personal way. It is also a way for locals to share their home with their friends and families. We were so taken with the beauty of the place that we created this website.

What people say about visiting the Rainbow Coast:

THE WEBSITE: "The new Rainbow Coast website just blew us away............ WOW! What an incredible and detailed account of all that is available for adventure in the south-west. It is amazing to visualize you guys there at all those locations... so much beauty to be shared. This is certainly a valuable and exciting creation for everyone living in the region and for those visiting. The layout is so easy and fresh to use and the photography is stunning .....it is almost like you are there........wow. Congratulations on this amazing creation and where it is leading and how it will be unfolding for you and your community." ~ J & P, online visitors from Mulimbimby NSW

While visiting the coast, please be responsible for your environmental footprint - promoting a more conscious tourism. The Bibbulmun Track, one of the world's great long distance walk trails, winds through the heart of the Rainbow Coast.

What people say about the South Coast:

"Already planning our next trip to the Rainbow Coast when the warm weather hits our shores once again. Go over seas NO WAY we have paradise here at home.. :-) Your site I found in google and is excellently set out and informative.. :-)"
Mandurah WA..


What people say about the Rainbow Coast:

THE EXPERIENCE: "A Canadian friend of ours visited down those parts a month ago and said its the closest thing to heaven aside from where he's from in the Kootenanys that he's seen anywhere in Australia." ~ S.T., Jarrahdale, WA

The Tourism Australia group has changed the designation for the South West Coast and is newly referred to as The Great South West Edge.




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