West Cape Howe National Park
in the Albany Region of the Rainbow Coast
West Cape Howe National Park - Western Australia's Southern Most Point

West Cape Howe National Park contains the most southern point in Western Australia, Torbay Head. Almost completely covered in heathland and forest and bearing the force of the Great Southern Ocean, this National Park is worth the visit.

Located south-west of Albany, West Cape Howe houses the famous Shelley Beach, and Shelley Beach Lookout where platforms are built into the side of the hilltop for hang gliders and paragliders to launch. You can drive to West Cape Howe from Albany or Denmark in under thirty minutes. It is a slightly longer drive from Denmark in the west.

View the rugged end of the state at Forsyth Bluff, or visit Cosy Corner just outside the National Park for a stroll along the white sandy beaches.

If you intend to walk to Torbay Head, the southern-most point, it is a 15km round trip hike on undulating terrain with little shelter. The beginning of the walk is part of the Bibbulmun Track. Visit the West Cape Howe Map to get your bearings.

Shelley Beach, Torndirrup NP, Albany Western AustraliaShelley Beach Lookout
Facing South East past the Torndirrup Peninsula
Cycling in West Cape Howe National ParkCycling to Shelley Beach through
West Cape Howe National Park
 Wildflowers in West Cape Howe National ParkWildflowers
in West Cape Howe National Park
Shelley Beach in West Cape Howe National ParkShelley Beach
West Cape Howe National Park
City of Albany Western AustraliaWest Cape Howe National Park & Surrounds Map
Cosy Corner is on the West Cape Howe NP & Surrounds Map.
West Cape Howe National ParkWest Cape Howe National Park
Containing the southernmost point of Western Australia this national park is astounding. Visit West Cape Howe National Park
Shelley BeachShelley Beach
Turquoise waters, verdant surrounds and ocean breeze make this beach a popular yet remote destination. Visit Shelley Beach
Shelley Beach LookoutShelley Beach Lookout
A beautiful scenic lookout with hang gliding and paragliding platforms. Visit Shelley Beach Lookout
Cosy CornerCosy Corner
White beaches, camping facilities, and lots of picnic benches, Cosy Corner is cosy indeed! Located just east of West Cape National Park. Visit Cosy Corner
Lowlands BeachLowlands Beach
Beautiful, secluded beach west of West Cape Howe and east of the Wilson Inlet. Visit Lowlands Beach
Forsyth BluffForsyth Bluff
This eastern most end of the National Park is rugged with large waves and waist to head high heathland. Visit Forsyth Bluff
Torbay HeadTorbay Head
Torbay Head is the southern most point of Western Australia Visit Torbay Head
Torbay InletTorbay Inlet
Many people find Torbay to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful places along this stretch of coastline. Visit Torbay Inlet

Forsyth Bluff, West Cape Howe National ParkForsyth Bluff

Hang Gliding at West Cape HoweHang Gliding, Shelley Beach Lookout

Hang gliders and paragliders have two custom built launch platforms built into the cliffside above Shelley Beach at the lookout. Talk about amazing! Bibbulmun Track through West Cape HoweThe Bibbulmun Track passes directly through West Cape Howe National Park on is way from Albany in the south to Perth in the north. It traverses the Shelley Beach Lookout where the Track can be taken to Albany or towards Walpole.

This thousand kilometre walking trail is one of the world's greatest long distance walking trails. More information can be found here: Bibbulmun Track.

Driving into West Cape HoweDriving into the National Park
Towns Nearby
Albany is the nearest town, and is located only fifteen kilometres to the north along the Lower Denmark Road
Denmark Denmark is located only thirty five miles west of along the Lower Denmark Road
Cosy Corner Beach near West Cape Howe National ParkCosy Corner. The rocks between East and West.
Tips & Park Information
DANGER The Great Southern Ocean is unpredictable, sending surges even at calm times. BE AWARE when close to the water. Read the information on SURGES before visiting the park.
Tips: Camping at Cosy Corner
Contact: Department of Conservation & Land Management (CALM)
City of Albany Western AustraliaAlbany Region
The Albany Regional Overview. All about the Albany Region of Western Australia. Visit the Albany Overview
City of AlbanyCity of Albany
Located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, the Nestled along the Princess Royal Harbour & King George Sound. Visit City of Albany

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