Massimo's Place

Massimo's Place

Denmark CBD

REAL Pizza! Slow proofed, hand rolled and topped with only the best ingredients.

Massimo’s Place in Denmark is famous for its wholesome and delicious pizza! Combining modern techniques with traditional Italian methods, Massimo’s Place has established itself as a local institution and loved by locals and visitors alike. Toppings such as locally made camembert cheese, carefully sourced high quality ingredients, traditional and modern techniques and authentic recipes combine to make Massimo’s Place pizzas culinary masterpieces. Massimo’s Place is a friendly, open and casual space with warmth, whimsy and a welcoming vibe. It is a place where you can enjoy your pizza on the back deck while enjoying a glass of wine (byo welcome), survey the passing parade from the locally made timber benches on Strickland Street, or take away to eat at home. Delivery is also available! CLOSED UNTIL MID-JULY 2023

Telephone: 08 9848 2479
Address: 49 Strickland Street, Denmark, 6333 Western Australia

This establishment prefers you to BOOK DIRECT saving them countless amounts on time and effort, and ensuring you have a place when you arrive. CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY NOW!

Where is Massimo's Place?

Massimo's Place is located at 49 Strickland Street, Denmark, 6333, WA - on the South Coast of Western Australia.

What is the BEST way to book Massimo's Place?

Massimo's Place prefers that you book DIRECT, as it allows them to serve your needs better.

Where is the BEST way to book Massimo's Place?

If not by phone, Massimo's Place prefers that you book via their Website: to serve you better.