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My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.
~ William Wordsworth

Rainbow Coast, Western Australia - albany, denmark, walpoleRainbow Coast, Western Australia - albany, denmark, walpoleRainbow Coast, Western Australia - albany, denmark, walpole

A family of four, who came for a tour, took a breath of the southern most air.
We looked all around from the sky to the ground,
heard the sea on the breeze as it rustled the trees.
Well, we knew it was right on the very first night, for the rainbows had put us at ease.

RainbowsDon't be fooled by the name! The yearly average rainfall along the coast is the same as in Perth and Broome. (Australian Beureau of Meterology) The name comes from the angle of the sun as it hits the rain coming off the Great Southern Ocean (read more).




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