Mandalay Beach

D'entrecasteaux National Park, Walpole

Mandalay Beach from the Lookout, Walpole

Mandalay Beach is one of the must-see sights while visiting the Walpole Coast. The beach and lookout are in the southern-most end of D'Entrecasteaux National Park.

Located west of Walpole, Mandalay Beach is part of the world-famous Bibbulmun Track, and the vehicle access road gives visitors a chance to see this spectacular coastline that only seasoned hikers would ever glimpse. View the MAP below.

Naming Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach is named because of the famous wreck of the three-masted Norwegian Barque (ship) Mandalay, which came to shore on the 15th of May 1911 with all twelve crew members safely but thoroughly marooned.

Thanks to the second mate finding a local pioneer Frank Thompson, they only had a 4 day wait until assistance arrived.

Mandalay Shipwreck Survivors

Photographs of Mandalay Beach

The well sealed walkway takes you from the carpark to the lookout.

The lookout is spectacular. Take the boardwalk and descend to the beach.

The view to Chatham Island is amazing. Watch whales in season.

Mandalay Beach Footwalk
Mandalay Beach Boardwalk and Lookout, facing South
Mandalay Beach overlooking Chatham Island, Walpole
Panorama of Mandalay Beach

Map to Mandalay Beach, Walpole