Boiler Bay at Gull Rock

Boiler Bay Beach, Albany

Less than 25km from Albany Town Centre the most recent National Park, Gull Rock National Park boasts some of the most beautiful white stretches of beaches along the King George Sound and Oyster Harbor including Boiler Bay Beach and Ledge Beach.

To get here, take the Lower King Road north from Albany which turns into Nanaraup Road.  Turn right on Gull Rock Road and follow the signs into the National Park.

Boiler Bay and Ledge Beach, Albany Australia


Boiler Bay, the first bay around the point from Mt Martin Botanic Park encompases Ledge Beach which is a beautiful secluded walking and fishing beach just outside of Albany City easily accessed via Ledge Beach Road.

Boiler Bay and Ledge Beach in Gull Rock National Park is home to the Shipwreck Awhina which you can see sticking up from the seabed.

There is a well marked walking trail to Boiler Bay when you arrive at Gull Rock National Park, Albany

Boiler Bay meets King George Sound, Albany Western Australia
Boiler Bay at Gull Rock

Boiler Bay is a beautiful eample of the south coast coastline. The views into King George Sound over Michaelmas Island, Breaksea Island and Flinders Peninsula make this a destination not to be missed if you're on the north east of Albany.

Boiler Bay, Gull Rock National Park

Ledge Beach

From the beach it is possible to swim out to the shipwreck, and along the headland is a popular area for snorkelling when the conditions are right.

From Ledge Beach, below the waves of Boiler Bay, you'll often be able to see the top of the Awhina Shipwreck.

Boiler Bay and the Shipwreck of the Tug Boat Awhina

Gull Rock National Park Attractions & Information:

Boiler Bay Beach Boiler Bay Beach
Walk along Ledge Beach on Boiler Bay in the Gull Rock National Park and view the top of the Awhina Shipwreck. Visit Boiler Bay Beach
Gull Rock National Park Gull Rock National Park
25k east of Albany, Gull Rock National Park is a reserve for many endangered animals, trees and birds. Visit Gull Rock National Park
Nanarup Beach Nanarup Beach
With picnic and barbecues, and easy stairway access, it is a delightful place to stop for lunch. Visit Nanarup Beach
Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour
Oyster Harbour, on the north eastern side of Albany flows into the King George Sound past Emu Point. Visit Oyster Harbour
Taylor Inlet Taylor Inlet
Taylor Inlet near Nanarup is a winding Inlet, home to many species of waterbirds. Visit Taylor Inlet

Attractions in Albany and surrounds:

Brig Amity Replica Brig Amity Replica
Experience the first settlers arrival in Albany, the first settlement in Western Australia, from onboard a replica of the Amity. Visit Brig Amity Replica
Mount Clarence Mount Clarence
Visit the ANZAC Desert Corps Memorial and view the coast from Padre White Lookout or Apex Lookout at the summit. Visit Mount Clarence
Emu Point Emu Point
The northern end of Middleton Beach, on the shores of Oyster Harbour at the channel to King George Sound. Visit Emu Point
Middleton Beach Middleton Beach
The most popular beach in Albany. Swim or relax under the trees. Cafes and amenities. Visit Middleton Beach
City of Albany City of Albany
Located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, the Nestled along the Princess Royal Harbour & King George Sound. Visit City of Albany
Albany Farmers Market Albany Farmers Market
Saturday mornings. Fresh fruit and veggies from local growers. Organic produce available. Visit Albany Farmers Market
Albany Heritage Park Albany Heritage Park
The heritage park consists of the parklands and monuments of Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide including the National ANZAC Centre. Visit Albany Heritage Park
Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching) Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching)
Albany Pier for embarking on a whale watching tour. Visit Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching)
Albany Wind Farm Albany Wind Farm
Beautiful and productive green energy from the wind of the Torndirrup, just outside Albany City towards Frenchman Bay. Visit Albany Wind Farm
ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial sits atop Mount Clarence. Visit ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
Ellen Cove Ellen Cove
Ellen Cove, Ellen Cove Boardwalk and Ellen Cove Pier are at the far southern end of Middleton Beach, Albany. Visit Ellen Cove
Frenchman Bay Frenchman Bay
Located on the southern side of King George Sound this beautiful setting has a grassy picnic area, BBQs and boat launch. Ideal beachfront location for a great day out! Visit Frenchman Bay
Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour
Oyster Harbour, on the north eastern side of Albany flows into the King George Sound past Emu Point. Visit Oyster Harbour
Princess Royal Fortress Princess Royal Fortress
One of the best outdoor military museums in Australia. The Fortress is within the Albany Heritage Park, atop Mount Adelaide. Visit Princess Royal Fortress
WA Museum Albany WA Museum Albany
The Western Australian Museum Albany has exhibitions and information on the natural and social history of the region. Visit WA Museum Albany

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