Scenic Flight - Aerial Tour of Albany

Western Australia
The Rainbow Coast, the South Coast of Western Australia
along the Great South West Edge
Scenic Air Tours of the Rainbow Coast, Albany Air Tours, Western Australia
Taking in Albany from the Air is a relaxing way to get an 'overview' of the coast. The City of Albany is surrounded by waterways and two impressive mounts surrounding the city.

Scenic Flights, Albany Western Australia

The King George Sound is a sheltered harbour offering two passages to the Great Southern Ocean. By Air, Albany's diverse beauty is more prounounced.

A scenic flight can fit up to four adults. The Albany airport is a modern, clean and very spacious airport and runway systems. It's a fun airport to take off from as immediately the Stirling Ranges rise in front of you, and Mount Clarence and Mt Melville mark the ctiy to the south.

Boat in King George Sound, Albany Scenic Fight
Vancouver Peninsula & the King George Sound
from above Albany
Middleton Beach
Albany, Western Australia
Vancouver Peninsula & the King George Sound Middleton Beach by the Air, Albany, West Australia
Whalewatching boat circling Seal Island
The Gap, Torndirrup Peninsula
Whalewatching boat circling Seal Island, Albany  WA Aerial Photo of The Gap, Albany Western Australia
Albany Scenic Air Tour Pilot

Our scenic flight took in Oyster Harbour and Emu Point, the King George Sound, Torndirrup National Park; including the Gap and Natural Bridge (photo above), then on to the Albany Wind Farm, Princess Royal Harbour, then over the City of Albany while admiring fantastic views north to the Stirling Ranges and Porongorups, then safely back on land. Excellent way to see the sights.

Aerial Photo of Albany Wind Farm, Western Australia

Albany Wind Farm

Aerial Photograph of Albany Wind Farm, Western Australia - by Air
Torndirrup Peninsula, Albany
Torndirrup Peninsula, Albany, WA Emu Point, Albany Scenic Flight, Albany Western Australia

Scenic Flights in Abany, Western Australia
Albany Western Australia Albany Airport, Western Australia

Safely landed, quiet and smooth ride.
Albany by Air (Scenic Flight) gets a 5 star rating from Rainbow Coast!

Scenic Flight, Albany Western Australia
Albany Air Charter



Scenic Flights all year round in a Cessna high wing craft up to 6 seats.

Coastal Scenery, Stirling Ranges & Whales in season. We'll fly you anywhere, design your own tour, or try one of our itineraries:

Scenic Albany: Depart Albany direct to coast viewing, Windfarm, Coastal cliffs, The Gap, Whaling Station, King George Sound, Oyster Harbour and back to Albany. Flight Time: 30 minutes $270 for 5 passenger aircraft.

Albany Coastal: 1 hour scenic flight from Two Peoples Bay to West Cape Howe, $440, 5 passenger aircraft. Other tours include Bremer Bay & Fitzgerald Tour & Lunch at the Lily.

Telephone: Lyndsay on 0427 206 210
Address: Albany, WA, 6330

Editors note: Great great great. Comfortable, stable, confident. Would fly again with them any time. A+ great experience!!! 5 STAR!!




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