The Knoll Scenic Drive Map

 The following locations are plotted on the The Knoll Scenic Drive Map, below.

Interactive The Knoll Scenic Drive Map

What's on the map? These are the locations plotted above:

Knoll Scenic Drive Knoll Scenic Drive
A five kilometre circular drive on the peninsula between the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets. A distinctly well-kept rest area with picnic tables & toilets. Visit Knoll Scenic Drive
Nornalup Inlet Nornalup Inlet
The Nornalup Inlet is serene. Fed from the Deep and Frankland Rivers it connects to the Walpole Inlet via a natural deep water channel. Visit Nornalup Inlet
Walpole Inlet Walpole Inlet
Filled by the Deep & Frankland Rivers, the dark waters of the Walpole Inlet empty into the Nornalup Inlet through the Channels. Visit Walpole Inlet